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A team of fully trained Pharmacists who are able to provide the most up to date comprehensive travel health advice and vaccinations to all individuals of all ages
We make it easy as we can for you to get the right vaccinations. During your consultation, the nurse or pharmacist will check which vaccines you need – this will depend on where you’re going, which activities you have planned and your medical history. We''ll never recommend vaccines you don’t need – If a vaccine is optional, we will explain your options so you can decide whether you would like to have it.
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Our pharmacists have received specific training in providing travel vaccination services.
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Current operations and service

This is a message to update all of our customers who use our pharmacy. Thank-you for everyone's support, kind words and patience with the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic. Please be aware that it is mandatory to wear a face mask in the pharmacy in line with current government recommendations. We are currently letting in two customers at a time. We ask that customers respect the current guidance on wearing a face mask in the pharmacy and maintain social distancing. Measures we have taken include staff wearing face masks, a protective screen at the front counter, a regular cleaning schedule and signing prescriptions on behalf of all our patients. 

ORDERING PRESCRIPTIONS - We are currently asking customers to order as usual and we will allow up to 2 weeks before they are due. Please do not request more than 2 months at a time or order too early. This will only contribute to medicine shortages. The pharmacy can get very busy and the phone at times will ring continuously. We would strongly encourage anyone who has an internet connection to register and use our website to order prescriptions online. You can also link to an app and use your smart phone to order. Details are set out on our website. This will free up the phone to allow customers who cannot use online services to phone through their prescription orders. It also helps to free up our time to keep on top of the large workload we have. For those who like to come in to order their repeat prescription and are a patient of Westbourne Medical Centre, to avoid queuing and save time, please use your white repeat prescription order form, tick what you want then drop this off in the repeat prescription box just inside the main entrance of the surgery. We always put a copy of your latest repeat prescription order form with your most recent prescription. Please note we do ask for 3 working days minimum to process prescriptions. Coming in to collect before your prescription is due only contributes to our workload so please avoid doing this if possible.

Please try to order your main repeat prescription all at once rather than at different times.  We can help with issuing specific amounts rounded up or down to the nearest half-pack to synchronise all your medication. This means you will be able to order everything at the same time going forward and will be of beneficial to both you and us. 

DELIVERY SERVICE - Poole Bay Pharmacy currently offer free delivery to anyone who is 70 or over.  For those under 70 who require a delivery there will be a charge of £2 to cover some of the additional costs we will incur. For those who wish to make use of this service please call the pharmacy or contact us via our website. Please order in good time. Due to our high volume of deliveries  we ask to allow 3-4 working days before you will receive your medication.

NOTE: For those customers who live outside a 2 mile radius of our pharmacy it may be easier to get your prescription transferred to a more local pharmacy. With the massive surge in demand for deliveries we will not be able to deliver to those that live some distance away. If unsure please check with the pharmacy first.

Finally I want to express my huge appreciation for how understanding all our customers have been  since COVID 19 first appeared on the scene. We do aim to keep the queue moving to minimise waiting for our customers but there will be certain peak times where this is unavoidable. Please bear with us when this occurs. We would also encourage all those feeling vulnerable and in need of support or simply just requiring some advice to please call us; we can't always get to our phones in time but we will endeavour to give everyone we speak to the time and help they require. Many of you have sent cards and/or spoken with sincere gratitude and appreciation for what we do. A massive thank-you to every single one of you; it really does make a big difference to us here at the pharmacy to receive such encouraging feedback.

Please keep up-to-date with government recommendations on the COVID 19 virus pandemic and follow their guidance. Our advice will always be consistent with what the Department of Health and NHS England are recommending. We want all our customers to remain safe and Poole Bay Pharmacy is committed to doing our absolute best to meet all your needs during these difficult times. If you have concerns or questions it is best to contact us by phone or message us using our website.

Yours Sincerely,

Atheel Edmunds
(Superintendent Pharmacist Manager)

on behalf of all the Poole Bay Pharmacy team.

Thursday 8th April 2021

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